Beside the Rhine

We made it 50km today from Kaiserwerth to just past the wee hamlet of Rhinekassel. Happy to report that today there was less wind (at least blowing in the wrong direction), no rain – can you believe a week in Northern Europe in the spring and only a few drops at night, hope our luck holds out a bit longer, no children falling of bikes (yeah toe clips), no panniers falling off and my (Ian’s) knee pain did not return!! Much of body feels a bit delicate, but the hip is improving (was pretty grumpy at the start) and I don’t think I am developing Achilles tendinitis like a previous bike trip.

Tonight Kristina and I enjoyed a beer in the restaurant beside the campground on our OWN. The kids read and played video games. Not much alone time in a four person tent and two tandems. It was perfect.

Kristina has captured much of the trip in previous posts.There are lots of bikers (but Holland definitely has many more than Germany) including other bike tourers. We however – two tandems loaded down with two kids are a novelty that gets lots of stares, smiles and comments. It is great to be a place where cyclists are welcome, everywhere. Kristina and I were chatting tonight about how cyclists are even allowed in pedestrian areas, just simply signed as a pedestrian priority area. So no protected bike lanes through villages …no where we have been has had consistent bicycle network but the cyclists has bee accommodated everywhere and their has been maybe 1 or 2 km where there wasn’t at least a bike lane (although bike lanes are common on narrow streets where cars have to drive in and out of bike lanes and if a bike or car is approaching from the other direction the car has to wait to pass – civilized!)

Looking forward to breakfast in Cologne tomorrow. Here is an assortment of pictures from the past few days.

Can you see the roller coaster by the abandoned nuke plant?
Ferries Rhine style. Yes a swing!


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