To Koblenz

We have had another two nice days of biking. However the rain finally caught up with us today.

This was the view about twenty minutes before.

 More nuclear power plants intruding on the historic skyline, and look at those dark clouds. It was quite a deluge, thunder, lightning, hail and lots of heavy rain. We were all soaked through so booked into a Pod cabin for the night.

With a stupendous view from the campsite.

Before the rain the riding was glorious, warm and sunny with a wind at our backs. Amos and I cracked 40 km on one straight relatively flat stretch!

Last night we stayed at another seasonal beside the Rhine campground. Bar, toilets, shower shack, wash station are all in trailers that are moved off site for the winter as the riverside usually floods. But it means campsites in prime locations. This was our first time in the hills of the Rhine, our campsite of the “view of the seven hills” with castles , both in ruins and still used, visible.

The other highlight was breakfast in Cologne. Where amongst other things our tandems (and Amos) became things of intrigue.



4 thoughts on “To Koblenz”

  1. loving the trip! By the way, Bridget says that if you are passing through München, please look her up (I can supply coordinates if your trip takes you there). You’re welcome to stay and hang out!
    Sending lots of love!


    1. Thanks, Caitlin! Glad you’re enjoying hearing about the trip – wish you were here for some kuchen in person! Please thank Bridget for the invitation. Sadly, we won’t be through Munich; cutting through Regensburg to Passau. Please say a danke for us. DO you have any Euro travel plans this year?


      1. Yes, we’ll be in Greece August 11-Sept 5. Just staying put on Thasos, as usual. Enjoying your stories!


  2. Great stories from epic journey. Impressive distances covered each day are now motivating our kids to bike to school more often. Go go go!


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