Just your average day…


Yesterday morning my mom, my dad and I woke up around 7 30. Stuffed our sleeping bags, rolled up our thermarests, got dressed and started taking down the tent. What’s that you say? Oh, we’ve forgotten somebody! Your right we have. Amos doesn’t like getting out of bed especially when he knows that he’ll have to help. So my mom tells him that he’ll get 4 haribo gummy bears if he gets out of bed. He responds with ” I don’t like haribo”! Sooo not true! Then she says ” you won’t get your hanuta wafer if you don’t get out of bed”. He’s response is “I don’t care”! After a few more tries she successfully gets him out of bed. Although he is supposed to get 1 gummy bear per 3 jobs he still finds a way to evade them ( and still get the candy)! His jobs are left up to Naevarella while she waits for her fairy godmother to appear! That’s a very normal morning of deal, threat and bribe! After a delightful breakfast of musli and yogurt we’re finally ready to go. 

The morning is pretty normal with a few stops here and there. We’re constantly telling Amos to get his on the pedals, to hold on and to stop complaining! After a stop in Karlstadt for kaffee und kuchen we’re ready to keep going. Our maps say that there is supposedly a camp site in Wurzburg. It turns out that that is a couple of campers beside a soccer field! My parents describe it as sketch, I describe it as extra land that people tried to put to good use but failed! We kept going and then got to another camp site (which actually looked not bad) but it was in the middle of nowhere so we kept going. We were all tired and grumpy. Amos still kept his feet on the crossbar and often took his hands off the handlebars. We were talking and the next thing you know you hear a scream and you see Amos on the ground! He wasn’t holding on and he fell off and somehow got ran over?! Just a heads up there is absolutely no need to feel sorry for him and he is now back to his normal annoying self. Once we got to the campsite everybody was tired and we had a dinner of pasta. What a surprise! We all went to bed early dreaming of the rest day the next day. 



4 thoughts on “Just your average day…”

  1. I heard the story from Daniel/Dad/ Gramps! and he sent me the link for your blog……as I felt it would be great to at least say ‘hello’ while you were ‘in the area’….. so sorry that we cant get to see you all. Love the photos and the commentary… what a trip! I think you will be in France later on…. who knows maybe I could come and say hello?
    Hold on Amos! and the rest of you….! Warmth and love Lizzie Bear. xx


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