Well I think I did pretty well finding an interesting and affordable place to stay in Zagreb (see Kristina’s posts), but Kristina may have won the prize. The view from our balcony.  

We are staying in the small village of Supetar on the island Brac (across from Split). Think small Mexican town crossed with Greece with a dose of a few millennia of western history added in. Ok … Not so much like Mexico, but for us the similarity is that it is a sleepy beach town where live revolves around the beach. There are hawkers of all things beach and souvenir related, beach chairs and umbrellas for rent, mixed drinks are advertised everywhere, beach side bars and restaurants, package tours to this site and that. The Greece … A dry, rocky landscape, stone house villages, delicious seafood and olive trees and olive oil everywhere. Turns out Brac is the home of olive oil in Croatia. And the tourists…. From what we can tell, mostly Croatian, POlish, French, British and other Eastern European languages we cannot identify or understand. The history – from Roman times and an historic core from the 1500s or so. 

We are doing our best (a struggle for K and I) to slow down a bit and enjoy not doing much after a few months of being on the go. But the island is pretty large – an hour by bus to some of the other towns – And so there are many places to explore, quiet beaches to find, hikes to walk, bike rides to take. But today will be our third day off to a local beach. Adventuring will have to wait. 




4 thoughts on “Adriatic!”

    1. Hi Max and Ava and Vara and Don,
      Hope you got off yesterday on your bike trip – would have loved to be there to send you on your way with a toast of champagne! Sounds from your blog that Vienna was a great experience. Think back to that beautiful couch and all of the books as you cuddle together in your 8 sq ft!
      Looking forward to following along with you on your blog. Is there a way to leave comments?


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