Photos from Zagreb

I hit “publish” on our post on Zagreb before uploading some photos. Here are a few.

We saw great public spaces. Like the book festival at the pop-up beach in the city park. And the playground in the graffiti art park, with outdoor bar (note happy parents; can you ever imagine anything like this in Canada?). And lots of public art.



 We also played tourist at St. Stephens church, and happened to be eating our lunch in the shade when the changing of the guards took place across from the Cathedral. 

    At night we went to see 2Cellos, from Zagreb and a frequent opener for Elton John.  We got there early but still ended up standing as the crowd went crazy.  You have never seen a cello concert like this before.

Trip to the market and picnic in the park afterwards for dinner. Still trying to stick to our low-budget ways!
We also saw this poignant graffiti, although the visible traces of any refugees are few.  It is hard to believe that there was a river of people going through Croatia at this time last year.



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