Pletvice Lakes

This was our adventure a few days ago. “Adventure” is maybe the wrong word. Experience perhaps better describes it. The lakes are a series of karst lakes and waterfalls that are absolutely stunning, full of trout and a bright aquamarine (teal?) blue-green colour. Makes Lake Louise seem very pedestrian. An “Experience” it was because we shared it with about 5000 – 10,000 other visitors. Kudos to the Croatian National Parks system because despite the hordes, there was little garbage, the trails in relatively good shape and we saw not one person in the water – which was crying out for a swim, but forbidden. To access the trails there were 4 different entrance points with massive parking lots, miles of boardwalks and trails, shuttle buses and shuttle boats. At one point we were waiting for our boat ride down the lake (Amos insisted, we had promised) for the boats that took 100 each, we had to wait for 3 boats and it was elbows out, guard your place in line kind of stuff. Sort of expected in the metro station following sporting match, not so much on the dock of lake, in a National Park, in the middle of the mountains. But Pletvice Lakes are now world renowned and for good reason. 




And the hordes ?? Well maybe you spotted a few already but they have been hidden from your view. Until now.




It is still spectacular even with all those people. A bit uncomfortable for us Canadians – but definitely worth the hassle. 

And our selfie attempts… No selfie sticks with this family!


And then a stranger took pity on us!



One thought on “Pletvice Lakes”

  1. Hilarious selfies! I was in Plitvice with my family when I was 17, when the country was still Yugoslavia. Looks as gorgeous as I remember (minus the hoards). And those Velebit Mountains, Wow! Thanks for keeping us up to date on all your incredible adventures. xoxo


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