Made it to Les Pyrénées

Just a quick post to say that we survived our cross-country trip from Chamonix and made it to Lourbes-Barousse this afternoon. By “survived”, I mean that we didn’t wilt or kill each other in the ridiculous traffic jams all over France this weekend. we somehow missed that this was “le weekend NOIR” for traffic, a holiday weekend in August! MERDE. The whole country was headed for the south of France. It took 2 hours to go about 25 km. We abandoned the autoroute and plans for a visit to Carcassonne and went cross-country instead. The drive was steady, through beautiful country. We stopped overnight at a hotel to get our fill of Olympic watching. Arrived in Lourbes-Barousse this afternoon, for a reunion with two of families from our bike trip. A beautiful evening of good food and intense kid soccer games. Lots of reminiscing and laughs. Photos to follow.

We are staying with one of the families, Les Morissoneaults. Knowing of our love for hiking, they’ve planned an overnight hike into a hut tomorrow night. Just finished packing (it is after midnight) and leave tomorrow, early, to try and beat the 30+ heat. There is over a 1000 m climb before dinner tomorrow night!



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