Heading home

Well, at least two of the four of us are excited to be heading to Canada today:

We’re sitting at the airport in Amsterdam, enjoying a few last croissants and coffee before our flight to New Jersey/ Ottawa.    Happily, it’s not over yet! We’re heading to Ottawa for a few days, including a four day canoe trip with Jolanta, Brent and the cousins.  What a wonderfully Canadian homecoming.  And my parents happen to be in Ottawa, and will meet us at the airport tonight.  It’s making the return to real-life all a bit easier. Amos and Naeva are wound up with excitement of going back to Canada; Ian and I…well, not so much.   It is a strange feeling to know that the end of this trip is almost here. We’ve been living it for six months (to the day!), planning for it for almost three years, and dreaming of it for years before that.  So many places and people and great experiences over the last six months.  

Here’s a couple of them, from around our table in the coffee shop:

Amos’ favourite memories:  the HIKE up Doi Suthep; the kayak trip down the Susa River in Thailand; Taronga Zoo. 

Naeva: Getting tipped off her bike by a rollerblader on the busy Amsterdam streets (she was OK; he was kind of scratched up); the Olympic museum in Lausanne; boogie boarding in Toowoon Bay.

Ian: Bodyboarding in Australia. Australian Greek food and meeting the Bourii relatives. Footy games (especially Collinwood’s win, sorry Rabittohs and Roosters). Playing cricket at the farm. The Bike trip – the food, the views, the rhythm of it, the beer and wine and meeting new friends. Hiking in the Alps and Pyrenees. French cheese. Biking in Amsterdam. Snorkelling and swimming in Croatia. Water festival / fights on the streets of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai food and cooking class. Caving in Thailand. Our many super hosts – in Ottawa, Sydney, Woodenbong, The Oaks, Canberra, Budawang, Melbourne, Delft, Mainz, Erlangen, Sulzfeld, Vienna, Craponne Sur Arzon, Rheinfelden, Bern, Vers Chez les Blancs (Lausanne), Lourres-Barouse, Saint Aubin – so many good meals, comfy beds, adventures and great conversations. 

Kristina: Being outside everyday for the better part of six months. Visiting family in Australia. Visiting friends in Europe. Bike trip, especially along the Main and then with Adri/Maika in Austria. Biking into Budapest along the majestic Danube. Floating on the crystal blue Adriatic. Hiking, everywhere. Sooooooo much good food. Melbourne. Zagreb. Delft.

We’ve had a great last few days in Amsterdam. Spent yesterday following our stomachs, biking to find the best frites and then the best herring in town (Check out eatyourworld.com – how did we miss this earlier??!!).  The to the Van Gogh museum. Wandered around through the colours and swirls with our audio tours. Home for a drink on the local patio then dinner on another one. And more packing. A fitful few hours of sleep (less than four, diabetes alarms going off, high 20s in our bedroom, not so rested, 5 am wake up, why do we book flights that leave so early in the morning???!!)


One thought on “Heading home”

  1. what a wonderful trip! I’ve so enjoyed following along, and all the best with the difficult reentry. Undoubtedly the kids will be wistful for their travelling days soon enough (like maybe as soon as school starts?)


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